Flip Side

pexels-photo-965982.jpegThere’s always a Flip Side.  Another Side to the Coin. A New Perspective.

How often do we Sit in the same old used-to-be-comfy Chair. In the Same Corner of our Minds. Letting the Cobwebs continue to Spread over the Brochures of New Perspectives. Piled in the Corner. Quietly offering us a Doorway into Better Life.

The Price of these Priceless Adventures is Letting Go of our Resentments. Our Inertia. It means Standing Up on our Feeble Knees grown weak from Fear. Grown Stagnant from Lack of Personal Accountabilty. From waiting for a Fairy to wave her Wand and make us Strong. Motivated. Brave.

For Me, Too Often, Too Long. Today, I Dusted Off the Pamphlet. It’s Bold Bright Writing said “Free” ….Offering Today Only

Time and Opportunity to Garner Unlimited  JOY …

***only restriction is your own willingness to Show Up

Today I’m On an Adventure. In My Own Everyday Life. For Every Day Should Be Treated with the Same Intensity and Sense of Adventure as we do when we are on Vacation. Let’s Leave that Old Arm Chair in That Dusty Corner of Our Minds.  Walk into Our New Perspectives.





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