A Day In A Life…

Every Day Lately instead of Fighting with a To Do List, I write on the Top of the Page…

My Dream Day…

I’ve Decided it’s an Act of Love to Plan a Dream Day.  Each Day should be a Dream Day.  Not Just a Day of Duty but a Day of Dreams.  I’m Done thinking of it as a To Do List.  Nothing is Less Inspiring than that!

I’ll Give you a Sample…


Awaken.  Inhaled.  Smiled.  Thanked God

Coffee.  I took time to feel the warmth of my coffee in my special mug my sister in law gave me.  I treasure her memory.  I can hear her voice and laugh.

My Bible.  I always read God’s Word.  I’m a Christian.  Each Day I allow my Bible to Open to Passages meant for me.  It’s like Angels turn the page.  There’s always something pertinent to my life that it opens to.

I Pray.  I thank God for all my joys.  I tell him my sorrows.  I ask him for what I need.  I sit silent in His presence.  I don’t leave till I feel Joy.  Energy.  Excitement.  Strength.  Armoured Up.

I Shower.  Sax and the City plays always each morning.  Jazz is always an accompaniment to me in the shower.  I take time to savour the stream of water over my body.  The droplets running down the glass.

I Walk Charlie.  She runs.  She fetches.  I admire the air.  The coming Autumn in the leaves and the slant of the sun.

I do Laundry.  Each item I pick up I take a moment to be grateful for.  My Daughter’s shirt.  My Son’s jeans.  A pretty fluffy white towel.

I Organize my fridge.  I’m converting everything in my fridge slowly from plastic to glass containers.  Everything right down to boring mayonnaise now looks luxurious and feels like a treat.  It’s a way I can give myself a simple gift.

I heard of a new Patisserie.  Actually it’s been there for nine years.  So I walked along the treelined streets.  Past darling historic homes.  Greeting happy wanderers.  It did not disappoint.  A sunny yellow house converted into a stunning patisserie.  A delightful french man carefully packaged a little piece of goodness into the cutest box for me.  I enjoyed it outside with a wonderful latte from Phil & Sebastian.

…my day is only half done.  Do you see the difference between a list that says…

shower, walk dog, laundry, organize fridge, check out patisserie, ?

Every day enjoy all of it as a wonderful gift to yourself!


Here’s to Dream Days.  Every Day.  Here’s to Planning Them!



September 10, 2018

Five Oclock Awakening…I lay in the Dark.  I feel so grateful for my new job.  It’s given me so much hope of future doors.  Every  day I meet interested engaged people….I lay here smiling as I try to put names to faces in the dark.  Their greetings and questions warming my heart.

Coffee is pouring that deep brown sweet liquid as the Kitty gets its kibble poured into his bowl.  His eyes haven’t quite adjusted to the light…

I read and meditate….holding my worn Beautiful Bible in my hands….truly so grateful for my Faithful Friend.

I walk my pooch…the morning light is shining so beautifully on the newly turned leaves.  The air crisp and cool… Charlie goes bounding down the ravine after a squirrel.

I hurriedly get my hair curled for work.  Smoothing out the dry ends…I wear my work out gear to work…and change when I get there.  Their bathrooms with their dark grey walls and wooden doors lend a luxurious feel…of which isn’t lost on this girl…

Work is a series of new learning curves that are exciting and challenging.  My boss has a wicked sense of humour. She’s bright and funny and so smart.  My coworker is shy and her nervous giggles are so endearing.  Her brother died of a Fentanyl overdose recently….I can feel her heart pain as she sits beside me.  My eyes well up when I feel her sadness.  I hope I can be healing for her.

Tonight, I will join my Grace for a spin class on Fourth. One Cycle. A beautiful sparsely white and modern spin studio.  Super excited. …

Simple Days with Simple Pleasure.

No Complaints, Just Lots of Thanks…


I haven’t been too accountable to my blog lately. I always need to feel a inspired moving in order to write and to share. Lately, more than a moving, I have felt a restraint. Not for any particular reason but just a desire to step back.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue.

Somethings are meant for a season. a reason.

But you can be sure…if I do feel this is still an important part of my life, I will write with new fervor. Expand it. Grow it.

I love you all. That has not changed.

Have a wonderful day.