Frame Of Mind

In speaking with my Darling Niece this morning, it was mentioned “The Difference is Our Frame of Mind.”  How True.  We hear the expression “The same water that softens the potato, hardens the egg.” How do we handle Hot Water?

Depends on my Frame of Mind.  And everyday, sometimes moment by moment, that can Change.  Some would want to make a Mental Illness out of it.  But it’s called Daily Building Materials.  What are They?  What did we Order from the Hardware Store today?

Did a shipment of Entitlement show up?  Along with Pride and Self Pity? That’ll be a fun thing to Build with!  And what a Dwelling Place to live in!  I’ll tell you One Thing, it won’t stop the Rain from Coming In, and the Toxic Black Mould that ensues will Make You Sick.

How about Humility.  Gratitude and Hope.  Faith and Mercy.  Long-suffering and Kindness.  How about Joy.  Now that is the proper Skeleton to Frame your Mind.  That is the Materials for a Sound Mind.

I don’t know how Yesterday went for you, but man, I ordered the Wrong Supplies.  So this  Mornings Meditations and Help from Dear Sweet Co Builders we Tore that Rotten Structure Down, and Man I’m excited to Build Today.

Thank You to my Community of Master Builders.  I love your Quality Craftsmanship.






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