Making Lemonade

Yes, there’s many connotations and meanings to this Title.  But actually, this blog is about actually Making Lemonade.  For me, it is a right of passage into Spring.  For several years now, I celebrate Spring by Making Lemonade.  I love the Process of it.  Picking out the Lemons at the grocery store.  Out of the pretty yellow Pile of Sunshine.  I press them to my nose like the woman in Under the Tuscan Sun.  With the duckling pressed to her face. Unashamedly.  Yes, and I Don’t Care.

When I get them home,  I  put them in a wicker basket.  Yep.   And I Crack the Window.  I cut all the lemons in half and place them Artfully on my Counter.  The pungent  Citrus fragrance starts to Float in the Air in my Tiny Kitchen.  I take my time juicing them and letting their juice trickle into the Pyrex with the red lettering on the side.  Picking out the seeds as I go.

There’s something so Satisfying about Stirring the syrup.  The Repetition and the Breeze floating through the Window.  The chirping of the happy birds.  The Smell of Lemons.  And the Heat off the Stove.

So Yes, the very act of making Lemonade is Healing for the Soul.  So is Making Lemonade in Life, as we all know.  But Try It.  Make Lemonade this Spring.  It really is a Happy Drink.  Kinda Like Liquid Sunshine.



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