Under Construction

My whole street is blocked off.  There’s concrete pump trucks and construction workers.  Orange pylons and metal fences.  Jackhammers and generators noisily working.  For months now.  It’s Annoying.  Isn’t anything that’s Half Built?

Half Built Dreams.  Half Built Education. Half Built Relationships.  Half Built Careers.

There’s a Period of Time in anything of Value where it’s Messy.  Dirty and Labour Intensive.  It looks nothing like the End Product. All you have is a Vision.  And lot’s of times it doesn’t come to Fruition very fast.  The only thing to keep morale up and motivation strong is Vision.  The Desired Outcome.

Every day we need to Tap into Visualization.  Visualize your Life where you want it to be.  What we Visualize  we Become.  See yourself as a Failure, and that’s what is Manifested. Keep telling yourself you’re Lazy, Unorganized and Crazy, you will be Disappointed.

Today, tell Yourself you are Under Construction.  And Dream of the Outcome.

Happy.  Strong.  Focused.  Ambitious.  Brave.  And most of all Kind.

Now that’s A Beautiful Building.  A Beautiful place to Reside.

Happy Building!



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