Romance The Dark Out of Everything

I admit,  I’m a “Romanticizer“. I Romance the Heck out of Everything.

 In My Life. And Yes, In Yours too.

The Rose Coloured glasses are here to Stay.  I don’t like Ugly.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like the Truth.  It just means, I’m going to find a Way to make it Pretty.  I firmly believe in the Ultimate Good.  Some days it’s a Struggle out here.   Sometimes to Breaking Point.  Some Days there’s  Failure .

I am not a Failure and  I don’t see You as a Failure either.

I see Beautiful Humanity.  I see the Beautiful Intricacy that makes You, You.  Your Handicaps Intrigue Me.  Your Frailty Warms Me.  Your Struggle makes me want to Battle for You.

But I first had to Learn.

Learn to have my Handicaps not make me feel Shame.  I had to Learn to feel Kindness towards my own Infirmity.  I had to Learn to Battle Against Myself for Myself. I Learned to Show Up for Myself.  And in Learning that I Learned to Show Up for Others.

Some would say maybe I still have a Long Ways To Go.  And they’re Right.  But I don’t Look at the Distance with Fear, nor do I look at my Progress as Slow.  Because I’m busy Smelling Roses on this Journey of Life and Scattering Rose Petals ...

all over my Crazy and Yes, Yours Too.

Love you all. xo

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