Poor Man’s Fertilizer

pexels-photo-86580.jpegThat’s what Spring Snow is called by some.  Some poor chaps trying to find the Positive as these “Pretty at Christmas” snowflakes fall.  From what I understand, the Snow picks up compounds from the atmosphere as it is Falling to Earth and as it falls on the thawed ground it seeps into our soil.  A Rich Fertilizer for our Poor Hungry Ground. Producing those little blades of Green Grass that give us a surge of Joy when our eye happen to spot them. That make us turn our faces upward to the Sun, and feel it’s warm welcome Rays.

So as I Consider this, I say “Welcome” to Another Snowfall.  I know By Noon, the Sun will peak out and Little Spring Streams of Melting Snow will start to Meander down my Sidewalk.  The Little Neighbour Girl will have her Pink Polkadotted Rain Boots on and Her Jacket Open to the Air.  Out for a walk with Gramma.  And she will Once Again remind me to Be Childlike.  And embrace Spring Snow. The Poor Man’s Fertilizer for Our Hungry Ground.  We’ll Take It.


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