Baking with Barbra

CACEC2DB-594A-4777-B15A-4C9E113E5A85 (2).jpeg

What a Beautiful Mess.  Nothing makes me Happier than Barbra Streisand and Baking in My Messy Kitchen.

Barbra is singing “Somewhere”.

Someday …Somewhere…We’ll Find a New Way of Living…

Kind of Apt for Life these Days.

I don’t know what it is These Days, but I feel like I want to Roll A Cot into my kitchen.  I want to Eat, Sleep and Breathe all things Kitchen.  I love the act of Flipping My Lamp On.  I realize it’s a Bit Odd to have a lamp in your kitchen, but I love Anything more by Lamplight.  Turn on some Jazz.  Preferably Barbara Streisand these days.  And Flipping a Cookbook as my dog Charlie lays her sweet frame by my feet.

I love the Sound of Sizzling Butter.  The smell of Yeast Rising.   Boiling Water on the Stove.

There’s no other Room in my Sweet Home that brings me this much Comfort.  Where else can I Stumble at 3 a.m. and peel back the cellophane and hold a rich, gooey brownie in my sleepy hands.? Is there anything better than a Stolen Sweet Snack in the middle of the night?

Or peel a wonderful Navel Orange standing over the sink and let the Wonderful Citrus  Aroma and Flavour awaken you for a Brief Moment so I can find my way back to my little bedroom at the back of my Cottage.  And curl up again under the warm duvet for a couple more Sweet Hours.

Our Homes are our Sanctuaries.  Especially our Kitchens.  I wonder how many of us are getting Reacquainted?  Trying New Recipes?  Letting the Old Ones calm our Senses and Bring Continuity in a truly Unprecedented Time.

I’m So Grateful I Can Hardly Stand It.

Words Fail Me to fully describe how much I Appreciate Safety.  Continuity.  Quietness in this Harried Time.

I have Learned over the Span of Life that my Feelings are Common.  So I pray you are all feeling Calm and Centered in your Homes.

And Enjoying 3 am Stolen Confectionaries  from the Pantry.




3 thoughts on “Baking with Barbra

  1. Oh my!!! How about toast dripping with butter at 1:30am. Maybe some hot milk to make drowsy dreams👍👍. We’re two of a kind kid💞. Love you.


  2. I love your musings of life in your kitchen and all the aromas! Our homes have become our safe havens. We knew it but appreciate it so much more now than ever. Stay safe! Love you!


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