Dusk til Dark



Sitting at our Easter Table with the Remnants of Lemon Pie in front of me and crumbs dusting the tablecloth, my heart Flooded With Memories.

The light was growing Dim and the white plates and my daughter’s leftover coffee gleamed in the Coming Twilight.  A wonderful Dusky Blue was settling over the Night Sky.

I’ve always Adored The Dusk.  It settles over the Earth like a mother placing a quilt over her tired baby.  Quietly and Tenderly.

I think of all my dear Earth Mothers.

Especially my Nana.

So many  Dusky Twilights I spent sitting with her in her Sweet Kitchen.  Her sitting in her rocking chair.  She would tell me stories and I would just listen.  Mostly just lulled into a sweet peace by the sound of her foot rhythmically pressing into the floor and the gentle wheezing of her breath between her sentences.

I would sit listening to her on a wooden kitchen chair.  Wedged by the porch door and a little table.  Her beside me.  Until the Dusk became the Dark and we no longer could distinguish the features on each others faces.

I would rise and say I was heading home.  She so sweetly would thank me for my visit and then the screen door with the loud springs  would welcome me into the night air.

I would run for home.  Sure that there was a Monster on my tail, I ran like the Dickens.  My little blonde braids trailing behind me.  The sound of my feet on the gravel sounded my terror.

Out of breath, I’d arrive across the road in my sweet little white warm bungalow.  I would rest, happy to escape the Night Monsters grasp.  Warmed by another Sweet Twilight Visit with Nana.

So as I sit looking at the Remnants of Easter Dinner,  I’m so Utterly Grateful for Family.  Both Blood Related and those Born Of Soul Connection.

Where would we be without Each Other.

My door will Always Be Open.  For a Twilight Visit.  We can talk til the Dark Envelops Us.  Then I’ll Kiss you Goodbye.  The Night Air will feel So Fresh as I stand by the door, Waving you into Tomorrow.

I Love You. Sleep Tight.  Life is Beautiful.



4 thoughts on “Dusk til Dark

  1. Oh. Oh. My Heart. Took me back again to that little bungalow, that had stretchy sides, and held beautiful little kids and pets. Thank you my darling for your musings. They warm me too 💞


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