Patrice & Fleur de Sel


(this is fleur…but you can’t capture the feel by picture,can you?...)

Some of You may Remember Him.  He’s owns the French Brasserie where I call my Second Home down my street.  He’s a Wild Man.  He has a wonderful mane of wavy grey hair and the perfect amount of stubble.  A wide smile that comes easily.  He gesticulates wildly as he regales you with wonderful tales from my Dream Country. His Homeland.


So today as I was walking Charlie, my steps slowed as I passed my Favourite Haunt.  It’s windows dark.  I stop to read the sign that said,

“We Miss You.  Take Care of Your Loved Ones.”

With a Sadness in my heart, I started to walk away.  I got a few steps away when I heard his booming voice and the familiar accent.  “Is that You?”  ” Come, come, please come in”.  There’s Patrice.  Beckoning me wildly as he holds the door open for me.

Stepping through the heavy leather curtain as I’ve enjoyed stepping through so many times, I see all the chairs upturned on those dear sweet tables.  Instead of family style dining there’s just one round table now.  The table is littered with balance sheets and paint chips.  Patrice’s little espresso cup with the remnants of that wonderful bitter froth lining the sides.  And there’s his ash tray with the saying “I’ll quit tomorrow.  I think”.  He chain smokes.  Very French and Fitting.  Two men,  Patrice Clones , are sitting on the leather bench.  They smile so welcoming at me as I sit down on the chair Patrice is holding for me.

I Can’t Believe My Luck.

I spent a Delicious Hour there.  Treasuring the dark flavours of  Cappuccino in my Darling Black Cup and the Wonderfully Colourful Stories of Patrice’s World.  How he Fled France the day after Lockdown. What it was like on His Travels.  Of his Family.  The Quaint Little Hotel he stays in when he’s there.  He Tests my Francais.  Speaking Slowly and sometimes Sighing and Throwing His Hands Up and Smiling Wryly at me.  He says, “C’est sans espoir!!”  My French is Hopeless he teases.

I don’t know about you, but I Live for these Serendipitous Moments.  Where Bright Colourful People come into your World and Change It Forever.

It’s All About Each Other.  It’s Smiles.  It’s Connection.  It’s Stories.  It’s Laughter.  It’s Support.  It’s “We’re In This Together” Spirit.

So Tonight, I’m Going to Bed with a Full Heart.  Thank You Life.  Thank You World.  Thank You Patrice.

I Love You.





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