Wind in the Fir Trees


green leafed plant
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If you need a good stir to the belly, go stand under the tall fir trees.  Hear the wind, wind itself (wind, wind ….don’t you love the  wonderful strangeness of the English language?) through their long sturdy limbs.

Do you feel it stirring deep in your soul?  Close your eyes and you’ll feel it.  There it is, I can hear and feel in my memory.  Even as a child the fir trees swaying behind my house always meant a good storm was coming and would wash away the old and tired, and I would wake up in the morning to a shiny and bright earth.

We often hear of winds of change.  It’s best when those winds come in gentle and blow old attitudes and narrow thinking away and bring us into a cleaner, brighter and more expansive new future.

Bitter tired minds will say we live in a sad world.  But not me.  I say we are in days of positive change.  Never has the world been so supportive of women, culture, ethnicity, religion.  We have a long ways to go.  But I feel the wind.

And it stirs my soul.

Welcome Shiny New World


One thought on “Wind in the Fir Trees

  1. There Now. You’ve done it again. Especially stirred my memory of the strong south wind blowing up a storm. Perfect word painting my daughter. Thanks again🥰❤️💨💨


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