Cloaks are for Dress Up

people at theater
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I love throwing on the Cloak of Chef.  Artist.  Homemaker. Health Nut. Teacher. Ballet Dancer.  There’s so many lovely cloaks we can put on and they transport us into a new facet of our identity.

I’m no Gordon Ramsey.  I’m not Picasso.  I’m not Martha Stewart or Doctor Oz.  I’m not the Dalai Lama and I’m certainly not the famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova.

But each bright morning presents a new stage.  Dawn’s curtain opens as the birds welcome us to the stage.  The sun beckons us like the stage lights to come  celebrate our talents and ambitions.

So take a moment.  Write your script.  Figure out what cloaks you want to wear on this stage of life today.  The options are endless.  Don’t worry, there’s the inevitable plot twists but there’s always going to be new beautiful costumes to wear.  They just may be different from the ones you had in your mind.

So, cook to your hearts content and when you tire of that paint a little picture.  Organize a drawer and make a healthy meal.  Take a moment for meditation and plie if you choose in the hall mirror.  And smile.


Above all, dance your own dance.

What a shame if we just stand in the shadows of another’s dance, imitating their every move.  There will be no authenticity or joy to be found.  For Christians, this is the sin of emulations.  We aren’t here to emulate each other.  We are here to inspire each other.  By our own uniqueness.

I hope you wear each cloak with excitement and I hope you abandon each one with the same fervour.  Knowing that with each cloak is new adventures to be experienced.

So, Let’s Dress Up.  There is No Rehearsal.





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