What is Image Consulting?

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The Term to describe someone who helps others put their best foot into the world these days is a Image Consultant.  The name is Unpleasant to me.  To me, Image is a Facade and it is the one thing in Life that can keep us Stuck.  As Long as the Outside looks Perfect so many People stay Unevolved and Broken.  So please in the Comment Section below, give me some suggestions of Other Description Ideas of what I could put on my Website and Business Cards.  I will Gratefully Ponder all and Make a Choice.

That being Said, I want to iterate why I have Chosen to Speak to the Heart in my Blogs, Focus on Heart Issues.  Spirituality.  The Place where True Beauty Resides.  The kind that Ages like Fine Wine.  The kind that Shines through Dimmed Eyes when Dewey Skin has Disappeared and the Vitality of Youth has Quietly Faded.

If Heart Issues  first aren’t  Rectified, the Good Fed and Nurtured ,we become Plastic. Fruitless.  We become One Dimensional and No Clothing, No Impeccable Style can make us Feel Good.  All it does is feed our Poor Childish Egos.  The Part of Us that strives to be the Coolest, the Trendiest.  The Person Admired on the Street.

When the Heart is Right, we Dress to Celebrate Life.  Art.  Our God Given Personalities that are Uniquely Us.  And should be Embraced Wholeheartedly.  Not to be Noticed but to add Beauty and Uniqueness to the World.  To Encourage Others to Celebrate Themselves in Uniquely Them Ways.

So Today, as All Days, I will Focus on the Garden of My Heart.  Humility, Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Peace.  S E L F L O V E .  Self Love means Tending to Our Hearts.  Pulling the Noxious Weeds of Pride, Ego and Competition.  Then we will Celebrate Life with Great Style.  Our Own Style.  And we will Encourage Others to Embrace Theirs.

Love You All…



6 thoughts on “What is Image Consulting?

  1. “ Lines To Inspire and Live By”

    “Humility” A Pure Power “

    You will arrive at the perfect one Jeannine. There’s power in words to inspire


  2. I thought of three other descriptions for you to ponder 🙂

    Uniquely You Consultant
    Inner You Consultant
    Be Yourself Consultant

    I love your vulnerability in sharing your wisdom and beautiful spirit that you have gained through much labour. Very thought provoking and encouraging!

    Love you


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