IMG_5513IMG_5514(I Love the little hand tied red string on the back of the plate.  I love picturing her hands lovingly tying the knot.)

To the Christian and the Jew, Esther is a Special Woman.  We use the expression “Mother of Israel” when there’s a Woman in our Community who Lives for Others and who’s Heart Beats to Nourish and Cherish Others.  So this Morning, my Heart is thinking of a Special Namesake Esther in my Life who has gone to Her Eternal Home.  She lived in Kamloops, British Columbia.  We used to live on the Shuswap Lake, and She Adopted Us.  Brought us right into the Warm Sphere of her Love.  Many a Sunday Dinner was spent over her lace tablecloth and dainty china.  Her Soft Melodic Voice still Rings in my Heart.  Her husband Cam so much more Boisterous and Entertaining and yet her Presence was Equally as Treasured.  When she Spoke, we all Reverently Listened.  To my Heart, it was Like an Angel’s Voice.  When she opened her mouth, Grace Poured Out.  She never Spoke Evil of Anyone.  She was Strength of Gentleness Personified.  Meekness and Love Embodied.  Last night I had the enormous privilege of her Gorgeous Grandson, Chris Adams here for Mother’s Day.  So fitting to celebrate Mother Esther with Him.  I have a plate by my bed that hung on her bathroom wall.  The only thing I asked for when she passed.  To me, the saying on the plate, it Embodies Esther.  I loved taking a Moment and Looking at His Capable Noble Hands holding his Grandmother’s Plate.  A Rich Moment for Me.

Today, I have a Twenty Something Esther in my Life.  Who’s Lips at such a Young Age Pour out Grace.  Her Smile Lights up My Life.  Her Positivity Contagious.  She has no idea how often I see the Correlation between Esther of Israel, Esther of Kamloops, and now Esther of Calgary.

My Life is So Rich.  Because of the Richness of Other’s Hearts.  Maybe Today, I can be in some small way a Blessing to Others.

I Love You All


One thought on “Esther

  1. Your writing today embodies Esther in Kamloops perfectly. She often enters my mind, with her sweet voice, soft hands and her loving spirit, which reflected the Man of Galilee”. Thanks for the sweet reminder Jeannine. Love you. Ox


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