Feeling Nostalgic and Pluviophilistic (might not be a Word)

Pluviophile – lover of rain


I sat down at my Desk. I had the door open so I could Smell the Rain. The May Day Trees are in Bloom and the fragrance Hung Heavy in the Damp Air. The Cherry and Apple Blossoms are at their full bloom and also the Lilacs on our street. It’s very close to Heaven out there. As I sat with the door open, I looked at the Desk. It was covered with Treasures. I had to take a picture. To my Left, is a manual for a new job I have started. I’m so excited for a chance to assist a local author as she begins her Journey through Film. Under the manual is a picture of a dear Hawaiian Couple who we have not seen in several years. Their beautiful Hawaiian Lilt still lingers in my heart. I’m not sure how it found my desk this afternoon, but I think it was when I was shuffling some papers around, I pulled it out for a Loving Moment. Above that, is a plate that hung on a wall of a Dear Friend Esther who is now called Home. A Precious Woman. Directly in front of me are two Notes. One from my last boss, a Precious Note saying I helped her grow as a lawyer and as a person. I Treasure it, because it truly was at my Weakest when I was in her life. I Loved Her Fervently. Then there is my Dear Nadia who handed me a card when we ended our trip to Victoria. On the envelope it had said “You do You”….I laughed receiving that since we so often say that to each other. I love her Sense of Humour. I’m grateful for my Menagerie of Happiness scattered on my desk. It’s the Simple Things. It’s Others. It’s Life’s Opportunities that help us Grow and Evolve. It’s Blossoms.  It’s Spring Rain.


Feeling Deeply Grateful Tonight.


I Love You














One thought on “Feeling Nostalgic and Pluviophilistic (might not be a Word)

  1. I love opening my email and see your blog in my inbox. I know I’m in for a sweet read and tonight’s was no different. Thanks my Dear. Oxox


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