It’s Like Riding A Bike

We’ve heard this saying forever.  It basically means whatever we are trying for the first time, once we figure it out we will never forget.  Sometimes this can be a problem.

Maybe we learned a dysfunctional way to pedal the Life Bike.  Generations of dyfunctional pedalling.  Someone told you to go a full rotation backwards before going forwards.  Resulting in a lot of stop and starting and poor forward motion.

Sometimes in life, we need to learn how to ride the Life Bike again.  Relearn a more efficient way.  Sometimes our teachers didn’t know the best way forward.  Sometimes the only Life Bike we had to get us through the early years was rusty and missing gears.  We learned to pedal the bike, but it was no small achievement.

So, Huge Kudos to those who learned to ride on rusty gears.  You’re the coolest freestyle riders I know.  You’ve developed muscles so many “New Life Bike Every Year” people didn’t.  But maybe, it’s time to really relook at “Learning to Ride Again”.

Find your own way forward.  The way of easy riding.  Just think of the distance you can go with all the grit and determination you learned from those rusty gears.

Here’s to Freestylin…


person riding road bike on the road
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Today is Underbelly Upside Down

skeleton fish museum fish bones
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Most Days I Only See Sprinkles.  Multi Coloured Sprinkles over My Pretty Life.  But Today Is Just Plain Underbelly.  Not Pretty Underbelly…I’m Talking Stinky Rotten Fish Underbelly.  Sweating in the Sun and Permeating the air with Rot.  Not a Nice Visual I know.  As Powerful as my Happy is, My Ugly is as Bold.  When One has Passion, both Feelings are Equally Felt.  So Hence I put a lot of Effort into Joy.  Optimism.  Faith.  Because Fish in the Heat of Day Stinks.  Writing that made me Smile.  So Maybe I’ve Turned a Corner.

Tonight I’m Netflixing.  Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown is Scintillating My Fishy Brain Tonight.  Nothing like Travel and Some Great Food to Lighten the Heart.  Sobering to think of his untimely death and a reminder to Stay Well Mentally.  When Underbelly Days become the Norm, We must Seek Help in Myriad Forms to Find Sprinkles Again.

Love Y’all.




A Grey Bird on a Grey Branch

Nobody will ever Take his Picture or Fawn over his Marvellous Feathers.  If he hadn’t moved his little feet to get a better footing on that Barren Branch, I would’ve Missed Him. He sat on the Ugliest Tree on the Block.  A Foreign Species to Alberta, it sends out shoots that Warp the Cobblestone and Pushes through my Patio Steps.  Gnarly and Thorny. So there Grey Bird Sat, Indescript and Virtually Invisible.  Anonymous.  On Ugly Tree.

That little Anonymous Bird enjoys the same Joys as the Gorgeous Peacocks.  It experiences Sunrises, Spring Rain, Warm Summer Breezes, Food for His Tummy, A Warm Snuggly Nest, and Natures Splendid Sunsets to End His Days.  So does Ugly Nameless Tree.  It has the same Joys as the Revered Maple Tree.

Everything of Value is Outside of Ourselves.  Free for the Taking.  So Lets Stop Fluffing our Feathers, Treasuring the Valueless Admiring Glances of Others.  But Instead let’s Point Others to the True Treasures.  Family.  Friends.  Peace.  Sunrises.  Food in Our Tummies.  Warm Snuggly Homes. Splendid Sunsets to End Our Days.

Love You All.


Free Style Consultation

pexels-photo-994234.jpegToday is Your Day.  I’m at home all day today working on my computer.  Send me all your Style Questions and I’m your Personal Stylist today.  I look forward to chatting with you!  No Question, No Fear, No Insecurity is too Small or Insignificant!

Oh Yes, and Zero Obligation to sign up for anything.  I don’t Operate like that. I actually Love helping people.

I Love You.



Anti Cliche Living

pexels-photo-281260.jpegMonday Blues.  Sky Blue…because the Skies the Limit!  One thing I hate is Cliches.  Because basically, it means I’ve Settled.  Because the Majority feel a certain way, or has a reaction, it makes it Okay.  Today the cliche Monday Blues is bothering me.  Monday’s are Awesome!  I get a whole week ahead of me!  I get to Plan and Design it.  I get to Create My Dreams.  And Wednesday hasn’t rolled around yet to make me feel Panicked.  If there’s a day to dread it would be Worry Wednesday.  That’s the Day of Reckoning for me.  The MidWeek Crisis, I call it.  Insecurity bubbles up.  The day I break out the red sports car and put frosted tips in my hair, so to speak.  The day of poor choices and radical moves as I realize my week is slipping away.  So here’s to Motivated Monday.  Tenacious Tuesday.  Worry Wednesday will become Wonder Wednesday.  Wonder Woman Wednesday.

We Got This Ladies!!  Oh Yes, Men Too!

I Love You.


Twilight Of Youth

The Twilight of Youth.  The Dawning of Middle Age.  Im Forty Three.  I’m Enjoying the Sunset on the Horizon of My Youth.  It’s Quite Serene to be Truthful.  Youthfulness is Wonderful.  Truly Something to Be Treasured and Enjoy.  But It’s Busy.  A lot of Vanity.  A lot of Figuring Out.  A lot of Seeking and Shedding.  A lot of Challenges that Build our Spiritual Muscle.  So Imperative as the Sun Sets on Youth that we’ve gained that Spiritual Muscle.  We will Spend a third of our lives in Middle Age.  Our Best Years in my Opinion.  Where we get to Enjoy the Fruit of those Years Of Youth figuring out Who we Are and What we Love. Where Entitlement Ebbs and Gratitude Grows.  Self Absorption has Ended and we are Others Focused.  We’ve Grown in Wisdom and Understanding of What Brings Joy.  There’s a Stillness and a Grounded Feeling to Being Middle Aged.  So Here’s to Sprouting Grey Hairs and Skin that Doesn’t Bounce Back Like It Used to….it’s a Small Price to Pay in light of True Liberty.

Here’s to Middle Age Liberation.

I pexels-photo-66997.jpegLove You.



pexels-photo-277253.jpeg“They are the Salt of the Earth”.  I can’t tell you how Often My Beautiful Friend says it.  Walking along the Boardwalk in Victoria.  Speaking of Her Dear Friends.  Pam in Particular. Nadia probably has No Idea how it Stayed With Me.  How I Pondered it.  How it Inspired Me.  Again, on Sunday another Dear Friend spoke of Salt.  The Ultimate Flavour Enhancer.  The Savour of Life.

So how does it Apply to Me, I ask? How can I be Salt to Others? How do I add extra Value to Life for Others?  Do I make their Lives have a little extra Oomph?  Does Joy seem more Full when I’m in their Life?  Is their Step a little Jauntier? Their Smile a little Broader? Does the Sun feel Warmer and Brighter?  Are Sorrows a little Easier, seem a little less Daunting? Do I Motivate, Strengthen and Inspire?

But the Biggest Question is, Can I be that without needing to be Noticed?  Salt gives of Itself and guess who gets the Kudos?  The Cook.  The Recipe.  The Ambience.  The Venue.  The Salt never gets the Praise.  But Yesterday, I didn’t Salt the Chili properly.  I’m telling you, I was sure glad for the Salt Shaker.

So here’s my Chance to Say Thank You.  To My Salt People.  Nadia, You are My Salt Today. I love you Dear Girl.

Thanks for Being Salt.



pexels-photo-88121.jpegThey wanted Pictures of Peace.  My Mom reminded me of a Happening the Other Day.  There was a Commission put out to Artists around the World to Paint a Picture that Manifested Ultimate Peace.  The Paintings were Astounding and Heartwarming.  Beautiful.  Radiant. Peaceful.

One Painting stood out.  The Painting had Brooding Threatening Clouds.  Fierce Winds. Sheets of Rain.  But High on a Branch a Little Bird’s Nest.  And a Little Bird Nestled there Singing.

I’m Thankful this Morning as a New Week Dawns for the Reminder that Peace is Not External.  It is a Choice.  A Choice to Trust.  A Choice to Sing the Songs that are Sweet Melody to Our Hearts.  To Brighten the Spirits of those Close Enough to Hear.  To Understand our Power against any Storm is To Nestle in Our Warm Little Nests…Knowing Brighter Days Always Dawn.  And the Foresight to Know When they Do Finally Come, we will want to Know we Sang in the Storm.

Happy Monday Dear Ones, Thanks for Being Brave Enough to Sing When I So Often Lost My Song.



Poor Man’s Fertilizer

pexels-photo-86580.jpegThat’s what Spring Snow is called by some.  Some poor chaps trying to find the Positive as these “Pretty at Christmas” snowflakes fall.  From what I understand, the Snow picks up compounds from the atmosphere as it is Falling to Earth and as it falls on the thawed ground it seeps into our soil.  A Rich Fertilizer for our Poor Hungry Ground. Producing those little blades of Green Grass that give us a surge of Joy when our eye happen to spot them. That make us turn our faces upward to the Sun, and feel it’s warm welcome Rays.

So as I Consider this, I say “Welcome” to Another Snowfall.  I know By Noon, the Sun will peak out and Little Spring Streams of Melting Snow will start to Meander down my Sidewalk.  The Little Neighbour Girl will have her Pink Polkadotted Rain Boots on and Her Jacket Open to the Air.  Out for a walk with Gramma.  And she will Once Again remind me to Be Childlike.  And embrace Spring Snow. The Poor Man’s Fertilizer for Our Hungry Ground.  We’ll Take It.


Flip Side

pexels-photo-965982.jpegThere’s always a Flip Side.  Another Side to the Coin. A New Perspective.

How often do we Sit in the same old used-to-be-comfy Chair. In the Same Corner of our Minds. Letting the Cobwebs continue to Spread over the Brochures of New Perspectives. Piled in the Corner. Quietly offering us a Doorway into Better Life.

The Price of these Priceless Adventures is Letting Go of our Resentments. Our Inertia. It means Standing Up on our Feeble Knees grown weak from Fear. Grown Stagnant from Lack of Personal Accountabilty. From waiting for a Fairy to wave her Wand and make us Strong. Motivated. Brave.

For Me, Too Often, Too Long. Today, I Dusted Off the Pamphlet. It’s Bold Bright Writing said “Free” ….Offering Today Only

Time and Opportunity to Garner Unlimited  JOY …

***only restriction is your own willingness to Show Up

Today I’m On an Adventure. In My Own Everyday Life. For Every Day Should Be Treated with the Same Intensity and Sense of Adventure as we do when we are on Vacation. Let’s Leave that Old Arm Chair in That Dusty Corner of Our Minds.  Walk into Our New Perspectives.