A Grey Bird on a Grey Branch

Nobody will ever Take his Picture or Fawn over his Marvellous Feathers.  If he hadn’t moved his little feet to get a better footing on that Barren Branch, I would’ve Missed Him. He sat on the Ugliest Tree on the Block.  A Foreign Species to Alberta, it sends out shoots that Warp the Cobblestone and Pushes through my Patio Steps.  Gnarly and Thorny. So there Grey Bird Sat, Indescript and Virtually Invisible.  Anonymous.  On Ugly Tree.

That little Anonymous Bird enjoys the same Joys as the Gorgeous Peacocks.  It experiences Sunrises, Spring Rain, Warm Summer Breezes, Food for His Tummy, A Warm Snuggly Nest, and Natures Splendid Sunsets to End His Days.  So does Ugly Nameless Tree.  It has the same Joys as the Revered Maple Tree.

Everything of Value is Outside of Ourselves.  Free for the Taking.  So Lets Stop Fluffing our Feathers, Treasuring the Valueless Admiring Glances of Others.  But Instead let’s Point Others to the True Treasures.  Family.  Friends.  Peace.  Sunrises.  Food in Our Tummies.  Warm Snuggly Homes. Splendid Sunsets to End Our Days.

Love You All.


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