In Anticipation of Summer Bliss

I Can’t Wait for…

the way my nose tingles when I scrunch it after a day in the sun..

the lovely happy shimmy of  poplar tree leaves in summer breeze…

the sound of my dogs happy panting as her wet body lies near mine by the river on my blanket..

the cottagey look of a flower pot and other miscellaneous summer treasures through a screen door…

the snap of flip flops on the hot pavement….

made by marcus valhalla chocolate ice-cream running onto my fingers from its waffle cone..

falling into bed with campfire lingering on my hair….my face still hot from the warm glow…

the smell of bbq…

the snip of the garden scissors cutting off chives and the wonderful aroma that permeates the summer air….gramma jean’s potato salad awaiting it’s addition on the kitchen counter.

rhubarb everything….it’s gorgeous pink threads coursing over vanilla ice cream, gracing my multigrain toast with a slice of cheese, in custardy silky cake

the smell of hot rubber tires as you walk past cars basking in the summer heat..

sundresses and sandals….the soft cotton swirling around your legs…

the pffft pffft pffft of the sprinkler in the morning air….

the sound of the distant lawn mower and the subsequent waft of freshly mown grass that floats your way….

Oh Canada, I Love You.  Your Name alone Sounds so Gentle on My Tongue.

I Love You Fellow Canadians and All of My Other Earth Dwellers.











One thought on “In Anticipation of Summer Bliss

  1. This writing is the most beautiful poem, even tho it doesn’t rhyme. It rhymes in my mind and in my heart 🌞💐🍃🌲🌾🌤🍦🥤⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🏊‍♀️🚣‍♂️🌎💫


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