Sipping Citrus on Sleeping Streets

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Not having lemonade in this house is akin to a crime being committed.  I awoke last night at around 130 and am desperately thirsty for some of that wonderful summer time elixir.  So i threw on my satin cargoes,  a chunky knit sweater and flip flops.  Opening my front door and stepping onto my verandah, the delightful summer night air made my heart so happy.  The street so quiet and had an air of gentleness to it.   I love my happy city.  The dash board lights and the hum of the engine starting was kinda exciting at this hour.  I made my way to the McDonalds down the street where the sweetest filipino lady sounded like she was living her dream as she took my order.  I love non complainers.  I decided on a mango smoothie and I decided to not go home.

I meandered the downtown core, along with the street sweepers and the commercial cleaning companies.  The marble foyers of the sky scrapers gleamed in the incandesent light.  The gleaming and  beautifully designed security desks so architecturally perfect.  The furniture in the foyers so classically modern.  I felt like I was driving through a movie set.  Where the characters are all still in their trailers.  Like a pretend land of dreams.

Calgary is a land of dreams.  I’ve come to adore my city.  So clean and safe.  Truly a city of promise and one where with hard work and dedication, even the wildest dreams are achieved.

Last night, the city of the Wild West was quiet and serene.  Finishing the last sip of my smoothie I pulled into my drive and felt so full of gratitude for our lovely city.  And climbed back into my bed, nestled in the heart of my gentle city.  Happy and content.

I love my fellow Calgarians.



5 thoughts on “Sipping Citrus on Sleeping Streets

  1. I could feel, smell, taste your meanderings, that you enjoyed last night. I enjoyed savouring them this am. Your “ painting “ of words were sweet to taste and behold. Keep painting my daughter. 🎨🎨. Visual candy 🍡🥤


  2. Just noticed this mornings headline. “ CALGARY named the FOURTH most livable City in THE WORLD!!! 🤗🤗. There you have it !!!! And you live in HER HEART❤️ Lucky You!!


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