Smoky Hazy Days

green grass field during sunset
Photo by David Jakab on

Somewhere there’s a forest fire.  A little deer has lost its home.  The familiar tree where a little squirrel hides his nuts has gone up in flames.  A pretty wildflower who worked so hard to unfurl its leaves towards the sun is withered and scorched.  The smoke rises in dark clouds over a landscape that once held life and serenity to so many creeping things.  A bolt of unfortunate lightning.  A cigarette butt.  A too bright ray of sun on a piece of errant glass.  And a landscape is changed forever.

Slowly life will be restored, but it will be different than it was.  For a while, there will be nothing appealing to the eye.  But to the ants first, there will be signs.  Signs of Restoration.  A little blade of grass.  A small fir tree will sprout.  A brave little wildflower will birth its lime green head through the parched earth.

There’s always Rebirth.  It’s a Beautiful Thing.

Feeling Grateful.



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