We’re in This Together

aerial photography of city during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Who is Looking in the Mirror at the End of a Day? A Human with Vulnerabilities.  All over the world, you will find the majority of people standing before a mirror at the end of a day.  Foam from their toothbrushes pressing the corners of their mouths.

 CEO’s.  Executive of This and That.  Construction Workers.  Mailmen.  The Jobless.

Various Pyjamas or Lack Thereof.  Through Common Ritual, we realize we are in a Common Experience.

Can we Just Stand Toe to Toe for a Moment?

 The Executive of This and That Company is Scared Too.  Just as The Jobless.

The Uncertainty of Life hangs in the Balance for them too.  Inside an executive’s custom suited chest is a Time Ticker.  At any Moment, things can Come to a Close.  A Common Experience is Uncertainty.  CEO’s go to bed on the Hope of Another Day.  That the Sun will be on their face Tomorrow, the Wind on their Back.  Just like the Jobless One on their Plastic Cot under the Charity Blanket at the Mustard Seed.  Hoping against Hope.   Why do we Feel Titles and Bank Accounts and the Trappings of Life make us Less Vulnerable to Fears and Uncertainty?  It Doesn’t.  Look at the Statistics.

Alcoholism and Suicide is Rampant too  in the Upper Crust .

There’s the Common Experience of Hunger.  In its Myriad Forms.

Hunger for Love.  Support.  Kindness.  Warmth.

Everyone  has this Common Need.  At our Core, is a Common Longing to be Understood, Accepted and Adored. It’s an Ache in the Chest when it’s Denied.  A wonderful Satiation fills the Soul when it’s Enjoyed.  A Washington Lobbyist in their Office with Marble Floors and Sky High Views and the Parolee in the Garbage Strewn  Graffiti Adorned Alley behind the Lobbyists’ Office are Equally Needy and Vulnerable to this Common Experience of Hunger.

Our Needs are Basic.  Common. We are all Vulnerable.

 No Bank Account, Title, Education can make us Less Vulnerable to These Things.  We all Rely on Sovereign Grace.  For Granting us Time and Opportunity.  We Also Desperately need Grace from Each Other.  From Humanity.  I Pray we can Show Grace to Each Other.

Kindness.  Love.  Warmth.  Support.

Without it, Society Crumbles.  For it isn’t Strength of the Economy.  Has nothing to do with Bears and Bulls in New York.  Harvard can’t Teach It.  The Greatest Good to our Fragile World is Grace.

Let’s Give Grace to Each Other.  We’re all in This Together.

I Love You.















2 thoughts on “We’re in This Together

  1. Wow this is such an empowering post! We really are all in this together, no matter your financial state, race, gender. We need to remember that! Please check out my blog too, I’m new here! x


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