I Don’t Have Your Life Exam Paper…

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs
Photo by 周 康 on Pexels.com

I Have Mine. If I just look over your shoulder and copy your answers, I will Surely Fail. My Exam is Tailor Made to the Lessons I’ve Been Learning. After all, My Life Courses were Different. Module One started Different than Yours. I can Guarantee you, my Last Few Modules were different too. Oh Yes, and the ones In Between. So, Your Answers for Your Life are Different from Mine. What works for you won’t necessarily work for me. As much as we are In This Together, we are facing that exam paper Alone. We each have the Master Teacher. He’s tirelessly prepared us for each test. Given us Perfect Counsel. Shown us where and how to Find Success. Not to Just Succeed, but to Flourish and Excel.

Since we ultimately can’t Take Advice from each other, I can Take Courage from your Dedication. Your Humility to Listen to the Teacher. Your Faithfulness to Show Up To Class every day. Basic Class Rules are the Same. Kindness. Love. Forgiveness. Humility. These I’m Inspired to see my classmates Adhere To and Love.

I’m kinda glad it’s just My Paper. To my Teacher, I Pass or Fail. For this, I can Love my Classmates and Remain Autonomous at the Same Time. It’s the Ultimate Freedom.

Good Luck on Your Life Exam, You Got This.


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