The Family Table

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My Sister’s Home has always been a Refuge.  She’s the Closest Thing to a Saint I know in her Age Group of Women.  A Long Legged Angel. She has the Spirit of an Angel but my Favourite Part of her is her Short Wick. She’s the cutest when there’s an Eye Roll in that Darling Head. She has the deadly quality of Vibing Hard.  When her Heart get Stormy, its never Directed at Anyone, usually just the Sauce Pan.  When Caught, there’s the Smirk and the Wink.  Gosh, I Love Her.  She’s one of those Fiercely Loyal People that Loves Hard and Suffers Long.  She’s the Perfect Mix of Fiesty and Fierce and Gentle and Meek.

She’s a Dynamite Cook.  Simple Comfort Food and Plenty of it.  The best cuts of Meat.  Farmer’s Market Vegetables.  And always Pie.  Most of All, a Sincere Welcome.  And Come Again Soon as you gather your things to leave.

She’s Sat by me and Cried.  She’s dragged me to the Doctor.  The Hospital.  Sat by me Silently and like the Beautiful Guardian Angel she is when I desperately needed her.  Faded into the Background the moment she saw I could and needed to stand on my own feet.

I’ve never heard her speak of other’s Pain in a way to Gossip.  She’s Guileless.  She isn’t Competitive and Self Seeking.  Her Heart loves to Serve.

I’m Grateful for the Family Table.  The offerings of our Beautiful Country laid out before us to Nurture our Bodies.  But mostly, I’m Grateful for the Love and Kindness that I find for my Soul there.  Laughter.  Love and Light.

I Love You Marlene.  I Love all of My Soul Sisters.









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