By Nature….

By Nature, I’m a Ugly Old Pessimist.  By Spirit, an Eternal Optimistic Unicorn.

By Nature, I hold  Giant Grudges.  By Spirit, Hurts are Irrelevant and Happily Forgotten.

By Nature, Fantastically Fearful.  By Spirit, Super Excited for a Challenge.  Bring it On.

By Nature,  Callously Covetous.  By Spirit, Stupidly Happy (in the words of a good friend).

By Nature, Antagonistically Angry.  By Spirit, Provocation is not Easily Provoked.

By Nature, Blind to Beauty.  By Spirit,  Speechless at the Overwhelming Beauties of Each New Day.

This Nature will never Get Life.  It’s only through the Spirit that Life is Truly Lived.  So here’s to Spirit.


I Love you!


bloom blooming blossom blur
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One thought on “By Nature….

  1. So Beautifully True of most humans. God made us so we would desire the beautiful marks of His Spirit. So like you said. “ Here’s to the Spirit”.


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