We Are Creatures Without Wings…

So our Feet must Rest Somewhere.  What Ground are we Standing On?  Our Security is in the Solid and Secureness of the ground under our feet.  Is it the fleeting sands of Wealth?  Beauty?  Human Love? A downturn in the economy wipes away wealth in a day.  Even a lying tongue speaking untruths can find us with a pink slip in our hands.  Beauty?  Oh my goodness.  What a Fleeting Thing that is.  For one that is in the eye of the beholder.  And sometimes if you’re the one beholding, one is beautiful one day and pitiful the next.  We are our own worst enemy and critic.  Human Love?  A very fickle thing.  Even the best lover gets discontent and disillusioned.  Sickness and Death can rob us of our loved ones in a moment.

So where is Unshakeable Ground?  What Ground can keep our Feet in an Even Place through the Trials and Tribulations of Life?

We can Plant our Feet on the Ground of Sovereign Love.  It is Eternal and Constant.  It has the Ability to Satisfy when all else Fails.  It has the Ability to Lift.  Steady.  Inspire.  Strengthen.  Comfort.

There’s a lot of Delusion and Trickery out there.  So many including myself have Succumbed by times to It.  Even Just this Morning as a couple Dear Friends can Attest, I Almost Fell for Delusion. It’s a Powerful Thing.  But all the Wealth, Beauty and Love the World holds out for a Moment in Time will eventually Shake.  Tremble.  Slide Through our Fingers like Shifting Sand.

So Today I Plant My Feet.  In Faith.  On Unshakeable Ground.  And Once Again, My Heart Feels Secure.

So Grateful.


close up photo of person standing on seashore
Photo by Gabriela Mendes on Pexels.com

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