At the Scent of Rain

photography of street during rainy day
Photo by Mike on

My romantic side like to open my windows wide at the first scent of rain.  Long ago I removed my screens because I love the look of my windows thrown wide without any barriers.  Like a french villa I tell myself.   It means the cat escapes every three minutes and must be retrieved as it instantly has remorse finding itself without the comforting walls of its home.  Only to find itself once more with only its haunches clinging to the window sill and once more making a dive for it.  Charlie my wonderful Yellow Lab gets a anticipatory gleam in her eye as she has come to know the Ritual of Rain.  It’s time to Hit the Road Jack.  Rubber boots retrieved, the hood zipped to the chin and the click of her leash on the collar.  A car drives by and I love the happy splash of the tires as it passes.  The cafe down the street is busily putting out its green and white striped awning over its patrons.  The red gleam from the street lights make a pretty design on the wet streets.  The snap of the umbrellas being opened is a happy sound to me as Charlie and I make our way down the street.  I love when we hit a dry spot and her little paws make the most darling prints down the sidewalk.  Her hips happily swaying.  She enjoys the rain as much as I do.  I think it’s a welcome relief to her some days as it is I.  Charlie finds a spot under the awning next to a happy dog lover who enjoys her company as I sneak in for a steaming americano.  I love the quiet chatter and the smell of blueberry scones and lemon tarts that fill the air along with the freshly roasted Fratello coffee beans.  I love how people take time out for the simple pleasures.  A young man in the corner is reading a book, two young girls are enjoying an afternoon chatting over their cappuccinos.  The little chiming bell welcoming each new customer is so charming.  Charlie is still happily engrossed in her newfound friend outside.  We bid adieu and continue on our happy wanderings.  Life is beautiful, rain or shine.  Sometimes we need to allow it to be though don’t we?  It’s the strangest thing, that enjoyment in life takes the discipline to see it.  To take time to even create it.  It’s all waiting for us each day.  So this was yesterday.  Today, the sun is shining.  There’s weeding and car cleaning on the agenda. Laundry.  I will take time today to enjoy these simple tasks.  I refuse to allow them to become just a task, but I am committed for them to be a way to enjoy the Gift of Life.  You with me?


I love you.


One thought on “At the Scent of Rain

  1. I’m with you. I was walking in my mind with you down the street😍. I love how you get plessirrnfrom simplicity. The BEST way. Oxox


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