Dinner of Herbs

close up of illuminated fruits on table
Photo by Mikkel Bendix on Pexels.com

“A dinner of herbs with love is better than a stalled ox and hatred therewith” .  I’m loving this reading this morning.  Love filling the hearts of our little families nurtures them far more than the external blessings we can give them.  Especially if hatred has a place at our tables.  Maybe it’s not directed at our children or significant others.  Maybe it’s to the neighbours.  Our coworkers.  Our employees.  The leaders of the land.  Hatred in any form hurts our families.  Maybe we could say, “Let’s be Real.”  Since when is a negative perspective on someone or something more real than finding the positive in them?  Since when is ugly usually right?  Could we not say beauty and goodness is most usually right? Positivity and Optimism creates Resilience in our Families.  Sends them into the world expecting good things even from the hard experiences.

Let’s remember the conversations around our tables are as important as the offerings on the table.  This has chastened my heart this morning.

Here’s to Filling our Families with Soul Food.

Love Y’all So Much


2 thoughts on “Dinner of Herbs

  1. Precious Words and very true. Sad reality is Family Dinners are scarcer now than in the past in many homes. Let’s keep them current and positive, as you so beautifully wrote this am!!! Lovely, inspiritational soul food🌹💫


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