Pretty Pictures

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Visualization is Powerful.  Imagination a wonderful tool to Heal.  To Renew our Strength. Our Gratitude. Our Passion for Life.  As I Pondered Life this Morning, here are a few of my Pretty Pictures….

…blue gingham dresses on little girls, sweet ringlets gleaming in the summer sun

strawberries ripening on the vine, little white blossoms with their sunny yellow centers.  blonde sawdust lying between the garden rows, sending its woody fragrance into the summer air.

….the quiet rhythmic lap of the lake on its shores.  a sailboat drifting gently by.  the snap of it’s sails in the warm breeze.

farmer’s market wares and the wonderful aroma of homemade bread.  gorgeous vine ripened tomato sauce in mason jars with the basil leaf pressed to the glass. 

homemade lemonade with a mint leaf garnish in a gold rimmed glass gifted to you from a little Slovakian watchmaker.

early morning window shopping with my doggie Charlie.  the french linen shop.  the flower shop owner busy making cut bouquets on her wooden table. 

Some of these are my present real life things I get to enjoy.  Some are memories of the past.  Some are the wonderful gifts I see in others lives on social media.  I love my own gifts. I also love witnessing the gifts of others.  It reminds me of how teeming with blessings this wonderful life is.  So thanks for sharing with me.

I love you.




3 thoughts on “Pretty Pictures

  1. A Beautiful Reminder of real life enjoyments. Thank you blacklily, I Love your blog and inspirations and realizations and encouragement, I could go on and on and on. My heart becomes new when I read them 💓 you are a beautiful writer, continue on we Love you xoxoxo


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