Unconditionally Happy

Slade told Janie years ago “Happiness is a Choice.”  A Wise Guy.  In the Best Way.  Most people’s lives don’t go as Planned.   As Dreamed.  Some people from the day they were born their bodies Struggle.  The ordinary feats of life become a Challenge to Overcome.  Some people from the start have struggled for the Basics.  Love.  Food.  Shelter.  There’s a lot to deal with on this Earth.  Some of us enter the Battle of Life fiercely assailed from the moment our little pink toes see daylight.  But Happiness is Free.  And Free Flowing.  Not Contingent on Circumstance or Providence.  One way to Achieve it is to Humble Ourselves to Be Grateful.  Grateful for what IS ours.  There isn’t a soul Without Blessings. Sadly though there’s too many Souls Without Happiness.  Waiting for Arrival.  Waiting for Utopia.  Waiting for Change.  Well today there’s going to be Change alright.  Change in my Attitude.  My Gratefulness.  My Happiness.

blonde hair blur daylight environment
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com


Love you All.


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