Control is a Deluded Illusion

We don’t have Control.  Of Anything.  We’re not supposed to.  We can go with the Flow of Life though.  We can Surrender.  We can be WholeHearted.  When we try to Control, we get Rigid.  We become Manipulative and Demanding.  Our minds Narrow.  Wisdom goes out the Window.  We become Lawful instead of Loving.  Demanding instead of Demonstrative of Grace.  Human Spirits have been called to Liberty.  To Love and Shine Light.  To be Free.  To Flow in the Beauty of Life.

So Lets Flow.  Lets Let Others Flow.  Let Freedom Reign.  In Your Own Heart and The Hearts of Others.

Free Fly Today Friends.  I Dare You.  Enjoy the Sensation of Liberty.  It’s Rather Adrenalinish.


I Love You. xoxopexels-photo-127968.jpeg

One thought on “Control is a Deluded Illusion

  1. Your words truly do “lighten the heart”. As I have gotten older, I understand the truth of these words. To control another is to truly take away their joy and your own. It’s also futile.

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