Snapshots of Sunshiney Memories

mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953.jpegIn my Storage Bin for my Precious Kiddos you won’t find their Sunday Best.  You’ll find Stained Onesies with Alphagetti all over the Front.  You’ll find Little Brown Boots with Spring Mud still caked in their Rubber Soles.  You’ll see Worn Denim with Holes in the Knees.  And Yes the odd Sunday Dress that was Mother’s Day Special.  For Memories are made in the Ordinary Days.  The days we did Nothing Special.  The Days we just Sat and Read Dr. Suess on the Blue Checked Sofa.  Smelling like Zoodles and Coffee and their Warm Bodies curled around me on the Sofa.  The Soft Feel of Nap Time Settling In.  Memories change as Time Goes On.  Now I even Hate to Admit it, but Someday I will have Fond Memories of Heaps of Clothes on Their Floor.  Three Day Cheerio Milk in Bowls by Beds.  A Dog Diaper because Charlie wasn’t Fixed in Time.

Yesterday making Lemon Meringue Pies at Grammies I loved looking at Her Square Finger Tips pressing the dough.  Her Lilting Laughter.  Our Little Knowing Glances at each other Sharing the Comical.  Laughing at Ourselves.  It Reminded me of Mom’s Lemon Meringue and Sunday Dinners of Summer.  Beautiful Roast Beef with all the Trimmings.  Dad’s beautiful graceful strong hands Peeling the Squash.

I’m so Grateful for Sunshiney Moments.  Today I will Take Snapshots of Special Ordinary Moments.  For Life is Fleeting.  The Joys are Many.  Sorrows Too, but Joy Surpasses.  For There’s Blessing in the Ordinary Days. Today I will Open My Eyes and Heart to See Them.

Have a Sunshiney Day.

I Love You


One thought on “Snapshots of Sunshiney Memories

  1. I’ve already had a few sunshiny moments, and I’m still in pjs, reading your memories and savouring them with you. Hearing the phone ring and then your voice “Hi”💖. Every day you are making memories and I love sharing them. “Precious Memories, how They Linger”. Mom


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