Hello Adrenaline My Old Friend

woman-happiness-sunrise-silhouette-40192.jpegThe Last Two Weeks I’ve been getting Adrenaline Rushes.  It’s Been Years.  I guess it was Utter Adrenal Burnout.  My Energy Levels were Zero.  I Learned to Press On because of Necessity.  I Learned to Prioritize.  So you can imagine the Ultimate Thrill of waking up at   Three AM and going “Shoot, I so wish it was Morning!”.  I’m Excited to Live Again.  Things Excite Me.  I never believed in Adrenal Burnout.  I honestly struggled Hating Myself.  Deeming myself Lazy.  But Darlings, Stress on the Adrenals is Real.  Chronic Stress will Deplete your Energy Stores.  I never understood why I felt so Convicted to Quit my Last Job.  I loved it on so many Levels.  Or why I needed so much Rest in the months following.  But Friends, we need to trust our Bodies.  Every Day they Work for Us.  And they know when we are Tired.  Near Burnout.  So our Energy Drops.  Our Bodies insist on Rest.  And One Day, the Adrenals wake up from their Healing Sleep.  And Stretch their Rejuvenated Limbs.  And there’s that Feeling!  That wonderful Surge of Life!  The Stirring in the Belly.  Your Heart Thumps for the First time in Ages.  And instead of it being Scary it’s Stirring.  It’s Life Giving.  And you Realize you’ve Turned a Corner. And Wow you feel Young Again.

So Rest if your Body is asking for it.  It’s Wiser than you Think.

I Love You.



One thought on “Hello Adrenaline My Old Friend

  1. I felt this way yesterday , feet dragging, shoulders slumped and energy gone. But thanks be to God, for a good rest, a new day, sun shining and renewed zest. Thanks honey for your insight 😘

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