When Ten is One Hundred

pexels-photo-951232.jpegWe go through things in Life that make our legs Concrete.  Our joints become hot and sore from Stress.  Our knees Tremble and Shake. An Elephant takes Residence on our Chests.  Making it hard to Breathe.  Laundry Piles become Everests.  The dishes in the sink Taunt us.   The soft light of Dawn becomes Blinding and Painful.  Sleep becomes our only Escape.  Our Beds become our Safe Zone. And also a Torture Chamber if sleep Eludes. Smiles become Frozen in Place.  Completely Incongruent with our Broken Spirits.

But Life Calls.  So we Rise.  We dress our weak Bodies.  We Pray and Pray and Pray.  We feel Fleeting Courage for a Moment only to have Fear Rise and Pull us Downward once more.  Everything we knew and trusted in is Pulled into Question. But we Cling to Hope.  Slug the Coffee and Face the Day.

There’s times in Life when Ten Percent is One Hundred Percent.  Don’t Judge Yourself.  Ignore those Who Do.  You’re Rocking Your Pain.  You Got Up.  You Faced the Day.  I’m Proud of You.  The Sun Will Come Out Again.  I Promise. And You Will Fly.  Stronger.  Higher. Faster. Than Ever.

I Love You Warrior Tribe.


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