Stemware and Prozac

alcohol-glass-wine-glasses.jpgIt was my first Act of Self Care.  Stemware in my hand like Jazz playing gently from my stereo makes me feel Special. I remember when I made the Choice to do the Little Things.     So every night when I went to bed I would reach for my Special Stemware.  The ones I saved for Company or Family Dinners.  It was Cool to the Touch and I loved how Pretty and Clear the water looked as it Swirled into the Glass.  After Getting my Special Green and White Pill called Prozac from it’s Friendly Orange Bottle I would Head to Bed.  I felt Luxury in that Moment.  I realized Regardless of my situation, I could Make Life Special.

It’s the Little Things.  It’s the Chocolate Stashed Away.  It’s Jazz.  It’s Coconut Soap.  It’s Four Dollar Tulips.  It’s Dog Cuddles.  It’s Neighbour Smiles.  It’s Birds Chirping.

Take the Time to Create Luxury.  True Luxury is Free.

Sorry Kids, Yes I Stash Chocolate.

I Love You.  Luxuriate Today.


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