The Power Half Hour

Half Hour Power.  I think I found the answer to Procrastination.  Backstory.  I get super overwhelmed when I don’t need to.  It’s because I’m a Perfectionist.  When I look at a box to be sorted, I don’t just see a box.  It morphs into a greasy pile of ooze that’s toxic. My brain starts doing the ol’ tsunami siren…it starts as a small whiny noise in my head and escalates to ear piercing in seconds.  I drown out the noise by often escaping into my phone.  I’ll even bake something just so I can avoid it.  There’s a term for it…Procrastibaking.  I used to see sorting a box as a very labour intensive process that includes:

Multi Coloured Pens

A Pie Chart

Seventeen Other Boxes To Sort It Perfectly

A Perfect Motivational Playlist

The Temperature and Humidity of Garden Of Eden


Now I say “You got Half Hour”.  As per Mel Robbins I count backwards from five.  I close my eyes….


Five, Four, Three, Two, One…Blast Off…


I cruise for half hour.  When it’s up I’m so tempted to extend my time. But I time restrict. When you leave a job wanting more, you trick your brain into thinking it was fun.  And you know what, you probably did have fun.  Because the pressure was off.  You weren’t going to get it perfect.  You just were going to get something done.  In a Half Hour.  Guess who can’t wait for another Half Hour in her basement?

Yep, Me.

This was just one pointer I share in my class.  I’ll be sharing more as the week goes on.  Happy Motivational Monday.  I love you.




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