My Tribe

I consider them all precious jewels.  Some shining their lights from the Atlantic shores…curled up  with their spouses, reading my blog and shedding a empathetic tear.  So precious and heartwarming.  To think someone radiates such love for you it is felt over the thousands of miles.  I received a message from a dear jewel of the Pacific yesterday.  My Beautiful Hawaiian Princess on the Big Island.  I wake up to this message, “I’m glad you are sailing with me, my soul sister!” My heart is so comforted. I can see her brown skin and long dark hair.  Her beautiful smile and gentle happy Hawaiian accent.  I just spent a week in Victoria, British Columbia on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with my darling Nadia.  Squelching around in our rubber boots, enjoying the safety of each other’s love.  Never have I felt safer than when I am with Nadia.  I would say she loves me fiercely.  Fiercely Loyal.  My heart becomes silent and reverent at the thought of my dear sweet Tracey.  My Utah Diamond Friend.  She’s the one I adorn my heart with the moment I wake from sleeping.  Often the one who is last put off to sleep at night.  She’s borne the fury of the gale with me.  She’s straightened my sails.  Readjusted my focus.  Made me laugh till tears streamed down my face.  She’s a goofball with angel wings.  When I feel deeply loved, I’m so very aware that this is because my dear friends have the CAPACITY to love.  Because true love is unconditional.  It just shows up.  These women show up.  Every day they shed their love into the world.  To their coworkers, their neighbours, their family, the store clerks, even those who test their kind hearts.  Because they believe in the power of love to change the world.  To ease burdens and give strength to the weary.  That’s why they shed tears of love, that why they send late night text messages.  That’s why they invite you on a week’s vacation when you really can’t afford it.  Because they love to love.  And that’s why they love me.  This is just a small little glimpse into my treasure box of jewels.  There’s so many that shine in there, there’s not enough time or blog space for you all.  Just know I wear you all with such gratitude.  Around my neck and draped over my heart. xoxo





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