Mama and Memories

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Memories of  Floating Along the windy roads of Home in the blue Mercury Marquis are flooding my mind this morning. My eye level is just above the chrome rim on the door frame.  I mostly see the tops of the trees and wires and blue sky as we head to our cottage for the weekend.  To my right in the passenger seat is my Dear Mama.  In her Blue Willy sweater.  She spent the day at the Fish Market selling her offerings and working in the office upstairs under its tin ceiling.  Her tired head seems to bob along with the deep Baritone of Roger Whitaker playing on the radio.  He sings so rich and smooth …

Did you ever know that you’re my Hero?  And Everything I’d like to Be?  I can Fly Higher than an Eagle, Because You are the Wind Beneath My Wings

My Mama was Wind to everyone who came into her Sphere.  There are Too Many to Count.  It was Selfless and Pure.  Never once was she Kind to someone and turn around and us children hear a Bad Word.  Never a  Judgment Call.  Just Love and Understanding.

I grew up on Hunter Lake Road.  A Road Aptly Named.  Our Surname is Hunter and many Families of Origin lived on this beautiful winding road along the Lake.  I only knew Harmony.  It wasn’t until I left home and the odd rumour would cross my ear that I ever knew there were the typical struggles in the family homes along the lake.  My dinner table never was a place for gossip or a place to share the pain of others.  We lived in Harmony because of Sovereign Grace and Love in my Mama’s Heart.

These are a Few of my Mamaisms…..

“Jeannine, if you are going to be a sweet old lady, you must be a sweet young lady.”

“Honey, I’ve never walked a mile in his moccasins.”

“If each before his own door swept the village would be clean.”

“Awe poor dear….(said often and regular to others struggles)”

“No matter how deep the waters are, they ne’er shall overflow.” (My eyes overflow as I type this one)

“Kindness and love never leave a bruise.” (Texted it to me today….I’ve heard this from a child)

Our home had a Revolving Door for all.  A Spirit of Optimism and Positivity Resided there even amidst the typical Trials and Tribulations of life.  Every Day my Mama Suited Up.  She put on the Breastplate of Love and Kindness and the Helmet of Humility and the Shield of Faith in her Precious Hands.  For that I am so grateful for.  It’s really all that matters.  In the End it is all that Remains.

Thank You Dear Mama, Happy Birthday.

You Truly are the Wind Beneath My Wings.

I love you






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