Intertwining of the Generations

As I busy myself making rhubarb lemonade for my daughter’s Helen’s bridal shower, I have some classic country music streaming in.  Memories flood in on little butterfly wings as the songs I heard my Grampa sing in his rocking chair. Slapping his knee along with his deep baritone.  Other songs that have played today I’ve heard  my beautiful auntie Verilynn sing and Uncle Don.  It feels like such a gift as I head into these next beautiful days with my daughter.  Yesterday on the way to get some thrift store vases for the flowers, I saw a vehicle my dad used to drive and melted into tears.  These moments you wish they all could be here.  My darling grammie Helen with her rosy apple cheeks.  My dad with his quiet grace.  I look at my daughter Helen and see so much of her great grandmother in her and it makes my heart smile.

I love the intertwining of the generations at times like these.  The sweet memories that life enfolds us in.  So grateful that others have given me so many beautiful moments in this Journey of Life.

cave filed with green plants
Photo by Artem Bali on

Enjoy your journey.

I love you.



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