Unsafe is an Unhabitable Environment

photo of mountains during sunset
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

One thing that isn’t habitable is a war torn country.  When your safety is challenged every day, the citizens can’t be fully engaged in their lives and their families.  The privileges that were theirs before the war become frivolous.  They no longer matter.  All they dream of is Peace.  Safety.  Without it, we have nothing.

We live in Canada.  It’s a Safe Country.  Do we treasure our Peace?  Are we every day adding to that Harmony?  How about our Families?  How safe are our children in our home to be themselves?  Do they feel unconditionally loved?  Do they feel peace?  If they don’t, consider this…..

Unsafe is an Unhabitable Environment.  Let’s be Safe for Others.

I love you.



4 thoughts on “Unsafe is an Unhabitable Environment

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