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Sometimes the last word of my prayer is the most powerful for me.  Amen.  Amen means “So be it.” Those are powerful world straightening words.  They turn it all up side right.  My fairy heart niece sent me a quote that said, “Treat the hand of cards you were dealt like you chose them.” Amen.  If we believe in a Master Planner, which I personally do, we will rejoice at our cards in our hand.  Maybe they look stacked against you.  They’re not.  Others say it’s a losing hand.  Not a chance.  You’re going to learn how to make it a winning hand.  Through the help of the Great Counsellor.  It may take you on a journey you never envisioned.  Amen.  When I was a young girl, I gave my life to a Master Planner.  I gave up control. I said, “tho crags and tangles cross it, praise God I will go on..”  Sometimes we meet the crags and tangles.  But I trust my Guide.  He’s allowed to test my resolve.  My love.  My trust.  He also said I can lean.  Nestle.  Sing.  These aren’t my deck of cards.  They’re God’s deck of cards.  I’m excited to see how my hand plays out.  Maybe it won’t always feel nice.  But I trust His wisdom.  Amen.  So be it.

I love you.


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