Hot Happy Heartrending Tears

IMG_3859My daughter Helen sent me the music she will be walking down the aisle to wed her dear Jesse. My tears are still hot and sticky on my face.  My little Blonde Angel.  My Little Rock.  My Conversationist. My Sunny Bells.  So Constant in Her Spirit.  So Faithful and Loyal. So Optimistic and Always Sweet.  Even when she’s Cranky it’s just Pockets of Clouds with the Sun still poking through.  How I Love that Girl.  She has borne in her Young Life the Fury of the Gale.  She is already a Seasoned Sailor on the Sea of Life.  And ohmygoodness, I would’ve Capsized without her.   She’s been my Cheerleader, My Shield, My Shoulder to Cry On.  She’s Goofy, and Silly and a Side Ache from Laughter.  She “Wixes her Mords” and truly can be Airheaded and Yet is one of the most Intelligent Women I know.  So Tuned In to Current Events and History.  She’s a Walking Biology Textbook.  Her Knee-jerk emotion is Kindness.  I’ve never met anyone who is so Pure in Her Opinions of Others and Keeps such Short Accounts with People.  She is Fully Engaged in Life.  Loves Babies and Animals.  Enjoys Good Food and Has Close Loyal Friendships.  She is Not a Gossip.  She Adores Her Family and if  you want to Upset Her Long-suffering Heart, say something Derogatory about Her Kin. She Fiercely Loves.IMG_3858 IMG_0180IMG_0246

As a Child we called her Hells Bells, but she is truly an Angel Tinkle.  A Sweet Heavenly Breeze.  I can only Hope to Be a Blessing in Her Life like she is in Mine.  Bless Her Darling Heart.  You are an Honour to Your Namesake, Grammie Helen Robertson.

I Love you Helen.



One thought on “Hot Happy Heartrending Tears

  1. I’m in a store reading this. A huge LUMP in my throat and hit tears flooding my eyes. You’ve pegged Helen perfectly. She is pure sunshine. I love her desperately. ♥️♥️


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