Forgive Their Ignorance

pexels-photo-1002240.jpegMost People aren’t Bad.  They just don’t Know Better.  I’ve Harmed People by my Ignorance.  Times when I felt Justified in my Hasty Judgments and Acted Accordingly on Them.  Kindness never Leaves a Scar.  But Rushing to Judgment Can.  There’s the saying …

“the words of a talebearer go down and wound the innermost part of the belly”.

Even though Others Hurt Us, It becomes our Responsibility to Heal it.  And one way is To Forgive.  Forgive them for Not Knowing what they Did Not Know. Forgive them for Being Human.  After all, I am a Human.  Deeply Flawed, but Beautifully Human.  As Everyone Else on the Gorgeous Globe.  Every time We Remember, We Hurt.  So Hence, 70 X 7 we need to Forgive.  A Conscious  Choice.  We say, “They did Not Know.  And if they Did Know, they would Act Different.”  A dear friend of mine once said, “If we knew everyone’s life experience, we would always forgive everybody.”  Hurt People Hurt People.  Let’s Stop the Cycle by Bringing Tenderness to Callousness.  Bring Warmth to others Cold.  Bring Blessing where there is Betrayal.

If we Love Love and if we Love Goodness, we will Look for Any Opportunity to Show it.  Remember Love can be Walking Away.  Love can be Boundaries.  Forgiveness doesn’t always mean Reconciliation.  But Love should always be Constant. Forgiveness not a Variable.  It isn’t an Action, but a Spirit we Live In.

Let the Spirit of  Love and Forgiveness Reign.

I Love You All.



One thought on “Forgive Their Ignorance

  1. Well said, and the “doing” is the part where we will grow and become a better person. I need more of the “ doing”. Love you💞


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