Yes, Me…

Not me! Yes, You! Couldn’t Be?! Then Who? Yup, I’ve been known to steal Cookies.  The Sweet Bits in People’s Lives.  Every time I don’t Practice Kindness.  Empathy.  Gentleness.  Meekness, I become a  Robber.  Of the Innocent.   We can Wreak Havoc where Peace did Reside.  Where Pureness Reigned.  It Sickens me to even Think About It.  We all want to believe we aren’t Capable.  That we are always Safe for Others.

When you hear the vilest deed done to man, Take Heed.  The ability to Harm and Destroy is One Perfect Circumstance away.  That’s All.  So Lets Guard Our Hearts.  If the Rumbles of Pride and Selfishness Permeate our Hearts, Know that we are about to morph into a Cookie Monster.  And that’s the Kindest Way to Say It.

Love Ya’LL….Let’s Bake Our Own Cookies and Share Em.




One thought on “Yes, Me…

  1. Insightful, self examination Jeannine. I need this daily. Truly. This lurks in deep corners of my heart, but thankful for musings like this that expose it. Keep musing my daughter. And keep it honest like you are k . I’ll keep reading😍


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