Leave the Love On

Ever notice when you get emotionally hurt by another person, your chest hurts?  I always thought  that pain was from what someone did to me.  I realized it’s not.pexels-photo-207962.jpeg

One day out sitting in the newly green grass on the ravine I realized something.  I had a picture in my mind of a faucet being on and the vessel it was pouring into bulging at the seams.  That’s how my heart felt.

Human Beings are meant to love.  We can’t actually turn love off.  But sometimes when we get hurt we try to wall it up.  We try to dam it.  And our little hearts burst at the seams till our hearts break.  Our hearts break because we are walling up our love. In efforts to protect it.  We’re taught some people don’t deserve it.

Not true.  We love unconditionally.  That’s what feels good.  But unfortunately, in some circumstances we must love from a distance.  But we can think loving thoughts and send well wishes.  We can pray for them and even bless them from afar.

It feels good to know I can Leave the Love on.

To Everyone.






2 thoughts on “Leave the Love On

  1. Wise words: Keep the love flowing!!

    This reminded me of words written many years ago, by a wise king:

    Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days. Eccl 11.

    Whatever we share, returns to us is greater measure love you💖


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