The purpose of our homes is to be a Sanctuary.  We want to be able to open our doors and feel our blood pressure drop.  I don’t know about you, but my home for a “longish” while ceased to be that for me.  In my efforts to figure out what a Home should be, I kinda hit both Ditches.  When I was newly married, I was Obsessed with Cleanliness.  Tidiness and Organization.  I was going to BE Martha Stewart’s nemesis dang it.  I was going to show HER what’s up.  I was Strung Out and Anxious.  Tighter than a Fiddle String.  Then I looked at my Kids and I had this Epiphany.  They Don’t Care.  But they do Need Me.  So I let it all go.  The laundry piled up and the dust.  The cat litter box overflowed.  I hugged my kids a lot and was present. I finally felt like a Good Mom.  But I also felt like a Lousy Housekeeper.  I was Embarrassed of my Home.  The messier it got the more overwhelmed I felt.

So now, it is about Balance.  That Fine Line.  The Tight Rope Walk.  I tune into my Feelings.  When my Home is where it needs to be for my comfort level I also am a Good Mom.  I feel like my kids have a Home they can be proud of too.  Also when all else fails, there’s nothing to make a home look better faster than Lamp Light.  Tulips by the Sink.  And Jazz floating gently in the air.  Mingled with a Mild Amount of Dust.  And tinkly Daughter Laughter.  That’s Utopia to Me.  Thank You Life.  I Love You.


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