The Sound of Silence

bird s eye view of snowy town
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Snow acts like a Great Insulator.  I’m No Scientist but it seems to Absorb Sound.  When I opened my front door to walk to work there was a Blanket of It over the City.  My Walk to Work seemed Muted.  Serene compared to the Hustle of a Clear Day.  Maybe a lot of people took a Snow Day.  I Don’t Know.  But I enjoyed the Hush.  I could Hear the Little Rivers Meandering down into the Grates of the Already Melting Snow. The Squishing of my Boots in the Slush.  My heart felt as Light as the Little Snowflakes dotting my hair.

Some days the Gift of Being Alive is Extra Real.

It was not lost on me that as I entered Bankers Hall where I take the elevator up to the 35th floor for work, Simon & Garfunkel are singing their Famous Song…

The Sound of Silence.

In Restless Dreams I walked Alone. Narrow streets of Cobblestone.  Neath the halo of the street lamp.  I turned my collar to the cold and damp….

I Sometimes Marvel at the Little Things in Life that Coincide.  One can look at Life as Everything just being Meaningless, or Everything Having a Meaning.

Today, although not a deep spiritual meaning, I smiled that the song that Welcomed me to my Work, was in keeping with my musings as I banged the snow off my boots in the atrium.

Life…!  You’re Cute Sometimes.


Warm Happy Chatter Is My Favourite…

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There’s  a group of caterers setting up for a University of Calgary Seminar for First Year Law Students. When I Hit the Kitchen, I Realize I’ve Hardly Ever Heard Such Happy Chatter.  Reveling in the Last Wedding in Canmore.  The Old Mine being the Venue.  How Beautiful the Bride was.  How the Rain Stopped Miraculously.  One Server is Talking about her Diploma Course in Supply Management she’s Completing.  Another her Darling Daughter.  I’m Warmed by the Rapport between Them.

Then I watch Their Boss.  His Eyes are Kind.  He Smiles Wide and Genuine.  He Describes  Each Canape on His Menu with Excitement.  His Passion for His Craft is So Evident in His Demeanor.  He Engages with His Staff with True Interest.  He Stops in the Chaos to Offer Support and Encouragement. Even before I met the staff,  his words were “You’re going to love my staff.  Every one of them is great!”

He’s a True Leader.  He’s Kind.  Empathetic.  Energetic. Self Sacrificing.  Encouraging.  His Staff Glow with Their Love for their Job.

Once Again, a Lesson is Learned.  Bosses Set the Tone.  Like Attracts Like.

We All are Leaders in One Way or Another.  Unless You Live Under a Rock.  We All are in a Place of Inspiring Others. We All are Either Helping or Hindering the Journey of Others.

Thanks, Catering Boss From Food Works.  You’re My Hero Today.


Loving Life Today…

roller coaster ride
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Not Everyday is Stellar.  I don’t Mean That because Things Go Wrong Some Days.  Some of our Best Days just don’t Feel Good.  Our Attitude is Off.  Our Brains are Dehydrated.  The Cat Missed the Litter Box Again.  Simple Things can Set Up our Thoughts for the Grumblies.  Then other Days it’s Polar Opposite.  Today to Be Truthful I’m Feeling Sick.  I’m Achy and Painy. My Brain is threatening another CSF Leak.  But Honestly, My Heart Might Just Float Away if it Wasn’t Tethered.  I feel H.A.P.P.Y….I feel positively Happy.

Life is so Crazy.  It’s a Multicolored Roller Coaster.  Some days there’s a Dark Tunnel.  Some Days it’s the Spin Wheel.  Upside Down and Backwards.  I Want to  Learn to Munch Nonchalantly on my Multi Colored Cotton Candy in the Tunnels.  Because Pretty Soon, it’s out in that Crazy Wonderful Summer Air.  The Awesome Spin Wheel Section.  The Gut Twisting Smile Enducing Heights and Extremes of Joy.

Life, I Love You.  You Crazy Wonder.

xo to all My Crazy Lovin Cotton Candy Nonchalant Tunnel Riders.   You’re my Favorites.  You know Who you Are.

Sore Feet Are The Worst…

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Yep.  That’s All Folks.

My Feet Hurt.  And So My Brain is On Strike.  So I’m Cabbing It Home.  Maybe I’ll Get a Serenade of a Old Haitian Hymn like Last Time by my Cabbie.  I will Put My Sweats On.  And I Will Banish These Dang Shoes to the Never Again To Work Pile.

Love From Blistey Blisterson.  Hobbie Hobbleson.  Cranky Crankerson.

Hope Your Feet Are Happy.


Watch Out For What You Need

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need – verb

require (something) because it is essential or very important.

Whatever we Need will Control us.  We think of these things like Our Breath.  Without it we Feel We Die. Fade Into Oblivion.  We become Invisible.  Irrelevant. Purposeless.  Our life  Feels In Vain.

For some its External Validation.  Admiration.  Others, it’s Wealth.  Status.

Some Days we Have It All.  Some Years.  A Golden Decade. An Admiring Tribe of Supporters.  Money and Status Comes Easily.

For Some,  Circumstances Change. What we’ve come to Believe We Need, Slips Away.  We aren’t As Shiny.  Passersby Don’t Look Twice.  Our Bank Accounts Dwindle.  Our Status is a Few Levels Below Amazing.

None of it Matters.  Unless you Need it.  And Need is a Nasty Rollercoaster in Maybe Land. Maybe Today’s the Day.  Maybe this Will Work.  Maybe …Maybe…Maybe.  It’s like a Sipping a Straw in the Very Bottom of a Draining Well.  Mostly Nothing, but Frantic Hope.

So Today I Need Serenity.  It’s Free for the Taking.  I Need Joy.  It’s All Around Me.  I Need Simplicity, and that’s Up to Me.

What we Actually Need is Everywhere in Abundance.

Feeling Grateful.



Writing Your Life Objective

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I feel we should be able to describe in a few sentences our Life’s Objective.  When the Dust Settles Over our Finished Lives, what will our Lives Accomplished?  The Ripple Effect of our Lives we Cannot Deny.  Whether it has been One of Good or Not So Good is the Only Variable in Our Control.

So Here’s Mine…

The First Draft Anyway…

I want to Walk Gently.  Love Fiercely.  Be a Lifelong Learner.   Open Minded.  Not Bitter.  Always Grateful.  Ever Hopeful.  To Smile Always.  Cry when Necessary. Embrace Change. Pure in My Thoughts Towards Others. Courageous.

Most of these Characteristics are States of Being.  Because if we aren’t these things, our Accomplishments Don’t Matter.

Accomplishments come to those who first have learned….

To Be.

Here’s To Being!

Let me know your Life Objective!  Can’t Wait to Hear!!



The Ruins of Rushing


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Sometimes we have an Urge to Utilize Force.   We see Waiting and Patience as the Enemy to Fruition.  Not understanding the Actual Word.


Fruit starts as a Tiny Little Bud.  Then Passersby enjoy the Beauty of the Bud, then the Fragrance of the Flower.  We Find Hope in the Unripened Fruit, and Love the Memories of the Taste of It.  We enjoy the Wonderful Butterflies of Anticipation.  We Dream of the Possibilities of the Fruit.  It Gives Hope for the Future.  Of Sustenance.  Of Enjoyment.

Everything in Life is a Process.  Whether it Be Personal Growth.  Our Careers.  Our Relationships.  Every Stage is Beautiful.  Culminating in Gorgeous Fruit if all Stages are Embraced.  With Patience.

We are a Society of Rushers.  Instant Gratification.  We are those who Cut Down Trees of Possibility because of our Own Impatience.

Let’s Enjoy the Processes of Life.  In Ourselves and In Others.

Our Dreams will Come to Fruition.  Let’s Create an Environment Conducive to Growth.

No Rushing.

Just Diligence. Warmth. Faith.


A Silent Lesson…

green apple
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Yesterday on my walk, I passed a Little Tree.  It Stands Up to My Chin.  Indescript.  Almost Fragile.  It could be said Almost Sickly.  But Yesterday, I Almost Cried.  I stood there Silently Staring at Little Twiggy Tree.

On it were Big Fat Apples.  Beautiful Soft Green Orbs of Gorgeousness.  More Apples Than Branches.  Dear Little Thing.

Small But Mighty.

It Fed My Heart looking at That Little Thing.  I Learned a Giant Lesson.  Gods Quiet Voice Said…” Fruit is Never For the Tree.  But For Others.”

That Sweet Little Flimsy Tree spent Its Energy Nurturing Sweet Fruit for the Nurturing of Any who Desired.  It wasn’t Building Its Branches.  Making Its Leaves Glorious and Full.

There it Was.  Silently Offering to This Hungry World its Essence.  Filling its Precious Purpose. So Quietly Offering its Precious Fruit.

Speechless  by this Silent Lesson I Walked On.



Even this Morning as I turned my Fireplace On for the First Time in the Chill of the Oncoming Autumn.  I thought of Autumn Joys.  Fires.  Lamplight.  Trees Shining Golden.  Apple Pie.


And I thought of Blessed Little Tree.

My Heart…


Hinchcliff & Lee

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The Greatest Gift I can give myself in our Lovely City of Calgary is to take a little wander down to Hinchcliff & Lee. To visit  John and his Shop Dog.  Cash.  After a lovely meander through the Farmer’s Market with Helen yesterday, we met Beautiful Julianna at The Eden for a Delightful Lunch (a blog on that later under restaurants I love).  A few doors down is my  Favourite City Treat.

It’s the most amazing Trip through Asia at Hinchcliff & Lee.  A Second Generation Establishment.  John’s Mama’s Dream Child come to Fruition.  Always greeted by the most gorgeous caramel floaty haired dog, he’s Shop Dog Number Two.  When I first discovered This Gem, Doggie Jack was meeting me at the door.  Now Cash has taken up the torch, a Little Wilder and Floating His Freak Flag more than Jack.  Cash buries his nose in my purse looking for “Cookies”.  He pulls out my passport and has a solid hold.  I’ll Treasure the Teeth Marks.

John is a Gorgeous Soul.  I can’t even Explain It.  So Earnest.  So Engaged.  As Full of Character as his beautiful Asian Antiques.  I love the way he crosses his arms and gets that faraway look in his eyes and you know a Great Story is going to be Told.  An Asian Tattoo (I’ve yet to ask the meaning) scrawled up his forearm.  He pushes up his dark rimmed glasses with his middle finger, and tears fill his eyes.  His Papa has Passed.  We stand sharing his sorrow, tears rimming our eyes as he Gathers his Emotions.  He’s one of those People who make you Glad to Be Alive.  Enjoying this Journey of Life. He’s Got Passion.  Heart.

We wander through the Pergolas.  Paintings. The Heavy Wood Tables and Armoires in the Asian Reds and the Gorgeous Blue and White Porcelain.  Downstairs is another Treasure Trove.  The Weight of History of both the Old Building and Asia Mingling in the Summer Air.   Upstairs the floor is Creaking So Lovely under the feet of other Happy Saturday Wanderers.

I’m Glad it Graces our City.  I Highly Recommend a Trip to Inglewood to Hinchcliff & Lee.  Behind the Wooden Door is the Cutest Shop Dog eating the Sales Tickets.  The Shop Owner John and His Glorious Tales both New and Old.  Asian Antiques that will Take your Breath Away.

It’s Worth the Trip.