A Silent Lesson…

green apple
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Yesterday on my walk, I passed a Little Tree.  It Stands Up to My Chin.  Indescript.  Almost Fragile.  It could be said Almost Sickly.  But Yesterday, I Almost Cried.  I stood there Silently Staring at Little Twiggy Tree.

On it were Big Fat Apples.  Beautiful Soft Green Orbs of Gorgeousness.  More Apples Than Branches.  Dear Little Thing.

Small But Mighty.

It Fed My Heart looking at That Little Thing.  I Learned a Giant Lesson.  Gods Quiet Voice Said…” Fruit is Never For the Tree.  But For Others.”

That Sweet Little Flimsy Tree spent Its Energy Nurturing Sweet Fruit for the Nurturing of Any who Desired.  It wasn’t Building Its Branches.  Making Its Leaves Glorious and Full.

There it Was.  Silently Offering to This Hungry World its Essence.  Filling its Precious Purpose. So Quietly Offering its Precious Fruit.

Speechless  by this Silent Lesson I Walked On.



Even this Morning as I turned my Fireplace On for the First Time in the Chill of the Oncoming Autumn.  I thought of Autumn Joys.  Fires.  Lamplight.  Trees Shining Golden.  Apple Pie.


And I thought of Blessed Little Tree.

My Heart…


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