The Ruins of Rushing


focus photo of a ripe lemon fruit
Photo by samer daboul on


Sometimes we have an Urge to Utilize Force.   We see Waiting and Patience as the Enemy to Fruition.  Not understanding the Actual Word.


Fruit starts as a Tiny Little Bud.  Then Passersby enjoy the Beauty of the Bud, then the Fragrance of the Flower.  We Find Hope in the Unripened Fruit, and Love the Memories of the Taste of It.  We enjoy the Wonderful Butterflies of Anticipation.  We Dream of the Possibilities of the Fruit.  It Gives Hope for the Future.  Of Sustenance.  Of Enjoyment.

Everything in Life is a Process.  Whether it Be Personal Growth.  Our Careers.  Our Relationships.  Every Stage is Beautiful.  Culminating in Gorgeous Fruit if all Stages are Embraced.  With Patience.

We are a Society of Rushers.  Instant Gratification.  We are those who Cut Down Trees of Possibility because of our Own Impatience.

Let’s Enjoy the Processes of Life.  In Ourselves and In Others.

Our Dreams will Come to Fruition.  Let’s Create an Environment Conducive to Growth.

No Rushing.

Just Diligence. Warmth. Faith.


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