I’m Living The Dream

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

These words are Echoing in my Heart this Saturday Morning.  They were said by a man a Decade Younger Than Me.

 A Nobleman.

Wise and Rich Beyond His Years.

He Labours for His Lord.  He is a Minister For Christ.  An American Transplanted to A Foreign Land.  He is Poor, but He is Rich.  A Moment in his presence is Healing.  His Joy Contagious.

How can a young man who has Forsaken All for His Lord say “I’m Living The Dream” and His Spirit echoing and witnessing to his True Joy in it?

He Trusts His God Ordained Purpose.  Unfeigned Faith in Our Calling produces a Joy Unsurpassing.

 It causes us to Embrace.



Within the Confines of His Holy Will.  We Understand wherever we have been Called, is where the Richness will be Found for us Individually.

So Today, My Soul says “I”m Living the Dream”

Here’s to Soaring.  Here’s to Embracing.  Here’s to Exploring the Beauties of His Will.

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