A New Wind Will Catch Your Sail…



My Beautiful Friend is sitting here Contemplating New Shores.  Adventures.  The Challenges that Lie Ahead when there are Unchartered Waters.  I’m so Proud of Her.  The Seas that Lie Ahead couldn’t be More Treacherous than the Ones she’s Endured.  She’s Chartered the Worst in the Last Years.  So much Disappointment.  Delusion.  Treachery.

I love getting her Texts these Days.  So Peaceful.  Surrendered.  Grateful.  Most of all, she is Ready.  Ready for a New Wind to Set Her Sail.  When we are Trusting the Journey to our Faithful Heavenly Father, we can trust there will be Provision.  Safe Harbours.  Sustenance.  And Gorgeous Beauty.  Breathtaking Beauty.  Storms will only Secure our Faith in the Safety Within His Will.

As my mama says, “No matter how deep the water, it ne’er shall overflow.”.

Here’s to Her.

Here’s to Wind in all of our Sails.

I Love you Fellow Sailors.












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